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benk016 -> Adding a server at new site (2.Jan.2015 9:27:56 AM)

I've recently started a new job as the exchange admin for a company. We have around 1200 employees and 2500 mailboxes. Our current setup is 3 multi-role servers all in our datacenter here in our HQ running Ex2010SP3. All 3 servers are in a DAG. with our 15 databases balanced across the 3 servers. I've been tasked with coming up with a plan on adding a new server and putting it into our location in another state so the entire email infrastructure isn't in one location. I'm hoping to get some input from you guys on the best implementation of this.

A few questions I have are:
Is one server in a DR site enough? Should we have 2 there?
I've been reading a lot about multi-site setups and they involve different cas-arrays and different naming for the 2nd site. Is all this required?

I'm basically wanting to give a few options on different setups so any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

pjhutch -> RE: Adding a server at new site (6.Jan.2015 9:53:30 AM)

You probably need at least one CAS/HT server and one mailbox in second site for disaster recovery purposes.

rajesh001 -> RE: Adding a server at new site (13.Jan.2015 11:51:51 AM)

There are various factors you need to consider before deploying server in your secondary data center.

- Is your secondary DC in same AD site or different AD site?

- In your current environment, if two servers were to go down, can you run exchange only on third server?

- Did you run MessageStats.ps1 to get the average messages sent and size? This helps in sizing exchange server
- Use Exchange Calculator to get the required IOPS.
- Once finalized the server hardware, run jetstress

IMO, having 2 multi role servers in secondary data center makes sense.

You need lot of planning to achieve this.

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