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m245 -> Questions on SCR (14.Jan.2015 8:04:00 PM)

I've newly set up an exch 2007 server and intend to use it as a SCR targe server for another Exch 2007 server which is already in production. I will use update-storagegroupcopy to do the seeding but I am afraid it will seriously affect the performance of the SCR source Exch 2007 server. Will it take a long time for the seeding process to finish (the edb file is 50GB and both source and target are in the same office) and do I have a way to stop the process if it ready does seriously affect the performance of the SCR source server while seeding?

Thanks in advance.

m245 -> RE: Questions on SCR (19.Jan.2015 1:56:07 AM)

If I am going to do a manual copy from source to target, is it a proper way to do the seeding if I do the following?

1. issue Enable-StorageGroupCopy (in source). I supposed the status will become "suspense" in this stage

2. dismount database (in source) at night when no one is using the exchange server

3. copy the edb to a usb harddisk

4. mount database (in source) after finishing copying

5. copy the edb from usb harddisk to target server the next morning

6.issue resume-storagegroupcopy (in target)

Will it cause problems as there will be a 12-hour time gap between step 4 and step 5.

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