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oedwards -> Calendar Migration from old to new environment. (12.Feb.2015 7:16:02 AM)

Hi all,

I am after a bit of advice if you would be so kind.

I am part of a project to migrate 2000 mailboxes from two old environments into one new environment. The new environment will not have any federation services or links to the old environments. The new environment has a different domain name a the primary addresses will use a new domain name. The old domain names may or may not (I need to check) be used as aliases for secondary addresses.

My main question is how to handle the calendar migration. Is is possible to migrate/import the old calendar into the new environment?

Previously when I was part of a project to do this for 500+ mailboxes the best solution I came up with was to run the calendar.pst files through some VB script to strip out all the alerts, attachments, invites etc. This would allow the PST files to be opened in Outlook without throwing hundreds of errors and false alerts. The obvious downside of this is the calendar could not be updated etc. We found even if we imported it into Exchange via Outlook it was still useless as it could not lookup the old e-mail addresses, usernames, display names etc.

Has anyone come up with a better way to migrate calendars into a new environment (new domain, addresses etc.) when the old environment will cease to exist?

Thanks in advance


glenntdaniel -> RE: Calendar Migration from old to new environment. (13.Feb.2015 4:23:39 AM)

There are many inbuilt applications available on Exchange sever for recovery of corrupted mail box but this process is bit difficult for a lay man as it requires technical expert. Because all the process depends on command lines. To overcome such issue many companies developed a software for repairing, recovering and conversion of your exchange server database. One such utility is here with user friendly interface thus you can operate it easily without any technical support.

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oedwards -> RE: Calendar Migration from old to new environment. (16.Feb.2015 1:58:01 AM)


Thank you for your advice. The whole mailbox will be migrated however my specific concern is around Calendars.

As the old domain/environment is no longer available once the calendar is in the new domain/environment it will be unable to lookup the attendees or meeting rooms etc. This will render any updates to the appointment useless as it can't send out updates.

I don't believe there is a real solution to this. We can provide the old calendar as a PST for viewing only but it will be a fairly manual task to create appointments in the new domain/environment.

Could you kindly confirm I am not missing a trick with this?

Thanks in advance


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