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NathJt92 -> SCR Implemented now experiance Hub Transport Issues (11.Mar.2015 8:24:49 AM)

Hi All,

new to the forum however been a regular user. i've implemented SCR and have 2 servers. both have all relevant roles including hub transport

the 2 servers are detailed below

EXSRV01 - Main Mail Server

EXSRV02 - SCR Standby Server

when EXSRV01 comes under load it is auto switching to use EXSRV02 - this is'nt an issue and is something i quite like however i'm finding that messages are just sitting in the queue and not sending. this then becomes noticeable and nobody's email in the business is being sent or received !

i've read this is managed automatically by AD however i'd like an option to either prevent this auto switch over, or to make it work so that it can also send and receive from exsrv02 . i've checked the send connectors and added them in. however we still have the issue.

any help is greatly appreciated



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