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mvergara -> Unable to setup new email accounts (11.Mar.2015 11:00:06 AM)

I just joined a new company as the systems administrator and the previous person left no documentation for anything. Apparently the person left on bad terms and likely deleted anything that was beneficial. I have worked with Exchange before at other companies and never had issues setting up email accounts. I also have never had to configure Exchange from scratch as it was already up and running and I simply added/managed accounts as needed. This time it is already setup and running also however when I try to add myself and another new person our accounts are created however they are created with the wrong email address information. The SMTP email information is wrong and I am unable to figure out how to configure Exchange so that adding new email accounts will be setup properly. Any insight would help tremendously. I'm sure any answers will require more information so I will gladly provide more information as necessary.

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