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W14_IT -> 2 x Exchange 2010 SP3 on 2012 R2 (AWS) - can't ping IP from one of the servers (25.Mar.2015 3:54:22 AM)


Spent about two weeks on setting up a Database Availability Group, and I feel like my life is slipping further into the void! Hopefully someone can help me here :)

We have built two new Windows 2012 R2 servers in Amazon Web Services, and installed Exchange 2010 with Service Pack 3 on them. The latest updates have been installed. They are both joined to our domain. We create a new Database Availability Group in the Exchange Management Console, set the IP address for it in Exchange Management Shell (as administrator). We add the two servers to it. Create a copy of the mailbox database to the other member. Run a Test-ReplicationHealth about twenty minutes later - all ok. We ping the Database Availability Group IP address from the first server - all ok. We ping the same address from the second server, no response.

We have three Network Interfaces on each server, Private (for MAPI and alike), DAG (for replication), and Public (for connections to OWA etc).

The subnets are setup like this:

Private -

Each server can ping the IP address of the other, for each Network Interface, so we know there are no restrictions.

We set the networks within the Database Availability Group to only send replication traffic on Network Interfaces.

Hopefully I have provided the key and core information, but please let me know if any more information is required.

I have an ongoing ticket with AWS support, as I think this is something on their side, but would love the community's expertise.

Many thanks!

W14_IT -> RE: 2 x Exchange 2010 SP3 on 2012 R2 (AWS) - can't ping IP from one of the servers (8.Apr.2015 7:14:34 AM)

Got the dag working. AWS has quirks. You need to have separate subnets, so have the servers in different availability zones. You then need to have dag ips set as secondary addresses on the elastic interfaces on the AWS Web console, but not in ipconfig.

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