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ocean_bound -> Mailbox Issues in New Databases in DAG (2.Apr.2015 4:31:22 PM)

Ran across a strange problem after moving mailboxes into 2 new Databases in DAG. We have a 2 Server DAG that had 2 existing DBs. We created 3 additional DBs and planned on moving all MBs over to reclaim space from the older DBs. After moving 30 or so Mbs to the new Databases we found that while mailflow functioned, we could not access any shared mailboxes or mailboxes that had full control permissions could not be added. Users that had been moved but had shared MBs on another DB in Outlook would get error messages that Folders could not be expanded or Exchange Server was unreachable, all while mail flow was functioning. Moving these users back to the original DBs solves the issue.

Any ideas what could be happening to the new DBs added to the DAG? The DBs were mounted and copies were healthy.

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