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gritz_1 -> Autodiscover configuration with multiple websites/hosts (13.Apr.2015 8:13:08 PM)

I have 2 sites, both experiencing the same issue.
Both sites run SBS (1-2011, 1-2008).
Both sites use a separate vendor for their web presence.
This presents an issue with running RPC over HTTP.
The external DNS records (hosted by their website vendor) as below: MX TXT "v=spf1 mx ~all" A A A A SRV 0 443

When attempting to use RPC over HTTP the following error occurs:

Validating the certificate name. Certificate name validation failed.
Host name doesn't match any name found on the server certificate, OU=Operations, O=Webvendor Telecom, L=Edison, S=New Jersey, C=US.
Elapsed Time: 1 ms.

The problem is DNS tries to go to and the result is the error above - of course the name can't be found, Webvendor uses their OWN certificate on 443, not the one on the SBS server.
I have attempted many different ways to get around this but all have failed.
Any ideas/input would be greatly appreciated - I really need to get their email set up on Outlook on the desktop for their remote offices, but right now I have them relying on OWA.

ryanmok -> RE: Autodiscover configuration with multiple websites/hosts (15.Apr.2015 8:06:17 PM)

The default autodiscover search order looks like this:

1. SCP lookup - Outlook will get Autodiscover information from Active Directory. If that fails, Outlook begins it's "non-domain" connected logic (as I like to call it), and will go in order down this list
2. HTTPS root domain query - Outlook, if not domain joined, uses the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the users SMTP address to do this query. So using the domain from my example, it will search for
3. HTTPS Autodiscover domain query - If the above search yields no response, the next URL Outlook will try is
4. HTTP redirect method
5. SRV record query
6. Local XML file
7. cached URL in the Outlook profile (new for Outlook 2013)

Obviously your outlook is using method 2 and attempt to connect to (not where pointing to your website hosted by vendor.

You may try to use register to control the outlook autodiscover behavior.

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