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tominator -> Multiple outbound SMTP connectors (22.Apr.2015 5:51:33 AM)

Hi Guys

Your help would be much appreciated.

My SBS2003 exchange server hosts email for 2 different domains from 2 different ISP's. This is collected via POP3 Connectors and sent via SMTP Connectors. Until recently all has been fine.

However, we has recently started seeing outbound mail not reaching it's destination when sent from the domain whoes details are NOT being used in the outbound SMTP connector. Obvoiuslt security has been tightened at the ISP.

I have added an additional SMTP Connector for the second domain, and configured delivery restrictions on both so that in theory different local users send out via different SMTP connectors. However, this is not happening. It would appear that once this is configured, whichever SMTP connector happens to be used first is then chaced and used every time regardless of delivery restrictions.

Please can you offer any advice as to how this can be achieved. Surely it shouldn't be that difficult to say, 'I want users a and b to sent via SMTP connector 1, and user c to send via connector 2'.

Many thanks in advance!!!


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