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Synergy -> Please help..2007-2013 namespace confusion (29.Apr.2015 4:27:27 AM)

Hi All,
Iíd be very grateful if anyone could confirm or correct my thoughts on a namespace concern. Iím currently going through the deployment plan for transitioning my 2007 2 node CCR to a 2 node 2013 DAG. The only thing Iím a little stuck on is around changes to the namespace.

In my organisation we donít use TMG or OWA and any remote workers have to connect via VPN, so essentially exchange is only accessible ďinternallyĒ using Outlook.

Currently there doesnít seem to be a traditional namespace configured, there are two SCPs in AD, one for each of the two Hub/CAS servers we have, and are configured to use the serverís FQDN. If people want to use OWA, they just use the FQDN of a CAS

Every guide I see states that you have to re-configure your 2007 URLs so as to be different from the 2013ís, so that 2013 will be able to redirect clients to the legacy 2007 database if their mailbox hasnít been moved to 2013 yet.

In the 2013 install I want to use a more appropriate namespace such as mail.dagclustername.local and donít see why I have to go through the added complexity of changing the existing 2007 SCP URLs when itís different to 2013ís anyway?

I think this is the crux of my confusion, I donít have any external URLs and my internal URLs for 2007 and 2013 will be different anyway, so why create the legacy.domain.local for the co-existence phase?

Sorry for the long post,and my first too! Your thoughts and comments are great appreciated :-)


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