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robert901 -> OWA 2007 & IE 11 - Attachment Download Issue (12.May2015 1:06:14 PM)

Good morning. I am having a user with a problem saving attachments in Exchange 2007 OWA and IE 11 under Windows 7. The userís desktop is of the following configuration:

Windows 7 Professional
IE 11
Both with all updates applied.

The problem I am having is that under OWA, when a user goes to open an attachment by clicking on the link to the attachment, IE asks the user if they want to open the file. The user clicks yes and then nothing happens, the user is just stuck at a blank popup window.

When the user tries to save the attachment, they get a long filename beginning with attachment.ashx instead of the correct filename of the attachment.

This issue is only happening on one computer and not any others. Scouring the Internet really has not yielded any results to fix this.

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