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rrizzojr -> Inbound authentication failed - Event ID 1035 (15.May2015 1:03:27 PM)

Seeing a lot of Event ID 1035 Source: MSExchangeFrontEndTransport

Inbound authentication failed with error LogonDenied for Receive connector Client Frontend [SERVER_NAME]. The authentication mechanism is Login. The source IP address of the client who tried to authenticate to Microsoft Exchange is [].

Here are the options chosen in the ECP under Client Frontend Receive Connector


Transport Layer Security (TLS) = checked
Enable domain security (mutual Auth TLS) = unchecked
Basic authentication = checked
Offer basic authentication only after starting TLS - unchecked
Integrated Windows authentication = checked
Exchange Server authentication = unchecked
Externally secured (for example, with IPsec) = unchecked


Exchange servers = checked
Legacy Exchange servers = unchecked
Partners = unchecked
Exchange users = checked
Anonymous users = unchecked

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