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Novakop -> External emails - SocketError (21.May2015 7:32:29 AM)

Hi all,

For a number of years I have been running email on a SBS2011 system running Exchange 2010, there have been no routing issues during this time.
All external emails are routed through a smart host.
For virtually a week now no external emails have been sent and all these can be seen in the queue viewer with the following message:
421 4.4.2 Connection dropped due to SocketError.

The ISP, also the Smart Host provider, has reported that they had an external SMTP address blacklisted by SpamCop. This was removed then relisted again and then removed.
This was resolved last night but none of the emails are being routed.

Please can anyone advise or suggest steps I can take to get this matter resolved, it is now virtually a week that the business has not been able to send external emails.
Thanks in advance to any assistance with this.

de.blackman -> RE: External emails - SocketError (22.May2015 9:28:13 AM)

My recommendation is to find out if the issue with the ISP has really been resolved. You can do this by trying to route your external messages directly using MX record (option on the send connector) as opposed to a smarthost. Restart the transport service and if the messages are sent then the IP address from your ISP may still be problematic.

Lekhan -> RE: External emails - SocketError (23.May2015 1:28:09 PM)

Agree with de.blackman, or you can buy a VPS and set up sendmail as smart host and front end for exchange. (5 dollars per month for VPS and you have independance from any ISPs)

alicetaylor -> RE: External emails - SocketError (11.Dec.2018 11:01:50 PM)

Very interesting! Thanks you

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