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scholtesw -> Add role to a Exchange 2010 SP3 (21.May2015 9:29:45 PM)

Anyone have any information on how to add a new role to an exchange 2010 SP3. Volumen licensing doesn't have a 2010 installation with SP3 combined. I have tried using the 2010 with SP1. Do I need to start over or is there a way to install the new role in place on the cas-array. I have also tried a 2010 installation without SP1 and am getting a language packs error.

Thanks for any advice.

de.blackman -> RE: Add role to a Exchange 2010 SP3 (22.May2015 9:24:22 AM)

Download Exchange 2010 SP3 installation and run the setup on the server. it will take you into a maintenance mode setup where you can select to add the role. In addition, you can also go into add/remove programs on the server and select to CHANGE the exchange installation

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