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CNDMirage -> Samsung phone and Exchange (28.May2015 2:37:27 PM)

Good Afternoon,

I have an on premise Exchange 2013 Server and a new Samsung 6 phone.

I tried to use the native phone app to setup exchange, and it didn't work (no errors, just does not sync anything, and can't send out). Samsung Tech have no idea. I downloaded two recommended Email apps for android (Outlook and another) and they both do not work.

I setup a test email account on the Exchange server and it works perfectly on the same Samsung 6 phone.

Other user accounts on the Exchange server work fine on other mobile devices.

My email store is roughly 2.5GB and according to samsung, that should not be an issue.

OWA works fine.

Outlook within the network works fine.

I tried using another mobile device (Blackberry Tablet) and it does not work with my account either.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you!

CNDMirage -> RE: Samsung phone and Exchange (2.Jun.2015 3:23:05 PM)

Solution found.
Apparently my AD account did not have 'Create msExchangeACtiveSyncDevice Object' and 'Delete msExchangeActiveSyncDevice object' permissions.
Edited the permissions and the phone now works perfectly.


saravanaperumal -> RE: Samsung phone and Exchange (21.Dec.2015 5:54:39 AM)

Thanks to known about samsung exchange..

Hussy030 -> RE: Samsung phone and Exchange (12.Jan.2016 12:39:05 PM)


This is valuable information.. I am Happy Thanks

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