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aaronward -> mapidelivery queue does not want to deliver my messages (1.Jun.2015 5:34:24 PM)

Hello, I have run into an a repeated issue where all emails are stuck and I was hoping one of you experts may have seen this.

Problem: Mail messages seem to be frozen in "active" state in the mapidelivery queue and message queue grows and grows and grows.

I running exchange 2007 sp2 version 08.03.0348.002. It has a single hub and cas server and 2 mbx servers running in a CCR. The servers do not log NEW errors in event viewers just same error messages it complains about when it is working. The mail messages show no errors from the queue but they just sit and grow. The disk space is fine. No cluster events. Mail flow troubleshooter does not find anything and says all is good.

Restarting the server has fixed this before but I am looking for a less intrusive method and to find root cause. During the last event that it was getting backed up I had restarted the MS mail submission service and the 200+ messages were sent in a matter of a few minutes. The service was running prior to the service restart. The majority of the emails were being sent from an in house application that sends emails when there are issues.

Background info:
The application server does not sent uses local smtp services to send the emails to the recipients. I really do not know if that was the cause of why the exchange server locked up b/c those messages are very small in size just high in volume. The Hub transport server does not even seem using any network or memory resources and the local dive has almost 10gig free. It would be so helpful if I could find out root cause, resolve, and monitor. The last time this happened we were upgrading a dozen users to Office 2013 and think that process locked the queue mail flow.

Thank you!

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