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Stevenuk -> Problems with Edge Sync 2013 (3.Jun.2015 3:09:35 PM)

Hi, new user and I have searched but can't find an answer to an annoying problem. I have an Edge Sync 2013 server which I needed to re-installed and configured because I stupidly deleted the certificate used to authorise it. Anyway, since reinstalling the Edge server accepts all messages for both authoritative domains the mailbox server hosts but will only forward messages for the default domain. The other messages are stuck on the Edge Sync server.

I have exhausted my search into what is causing the issue. I have tested the connectivity using the Microsoft STMP Inbound test and the tool reports that the Edge Sync server accepts the email, for the default domain the mail is in my inbox, for the second domain the message has not been forwarded.

I know it is an Edge Sync server issue because I can see the messages on the server stuck in a queue with the error "A local loop was detected" because if I bypass the Edge server then messages are delivered without any issue.

Any suggestions where to start?

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