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ccoulter -> Exch. 2010 SSL Certificate renewal installed on wrong pending certificate request (22.Jun.2015 2:01:43 PM)

I have suddenly found myself in quite the conundrum and am urgently needing to find a resolution. I generated a UCC cert CSR for a server we need to renew the cert. on via EMS. Created the new cert through Go Daddy and went to the EMC to install the new cert using the GUI. As crazy as it sounds, I must have inadvertently installed the cert on a "pending cert request for a separate certificate titled "Microsoft Exchange". This appears to be a certificate that exists in other client Exchange 2010 servers that I have looked at and is a self-signed certificate that only contains the netbios internal name (server), and nothing else.

I don't know how this happened, but as a result, the GD issued certificate I needed to renew is still there (expires tomorrow), and the "Microsoft Exchange" certificate now appears to have inherited the FQDN that was in the GD certificate which I errantly applied to this internal cert. To make things even more special, it is still in a "pending" state.

How can I reverse this scenario? Can I delete this "Microsoft Exchange" self signed certificate? Does it need to be there even though it is self signed and NOT applicable to the UCC? I just want to renew the correct UCC cert with the new one from GoDaddy and get my customer taken care of.

Can't find ANYTHING after days of searches about this "Microsoft Exchange" certificate that appears to be a default cert., what it really is, or how to delete and recreate it if it is necessary.

I am most grateful for any help with my situation. Of course, time is of the essence with this.

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