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sakoshi -> User authentication for all user (17.Jul.2015 4:03:52 AM)

I'm planing migrate from Mdaemon to Exchange but I get a problem with username and password in AD. I cant export it to CSV.

Therefore I need set a new user to authenticate for all mailbox like the guide below.

Microsoft Exchange

If you're migrating email from the IMAP implementation for Exchange, use the format Domain/Admin_UserName/User_UserName for the UserName attribute in the migration file. Let's say you're migrating email from Exchange for Alberta Greene, Bobby Overby, Irwin Hume, Katrina Hernandez, and Mathew Slattery. You have a mailbox admin account, where the user name is mailadmin and the password is P@ssw0rd. Here's what your migration file would look like:

But I dont know how to do like that in Exchange 2013.

Plz help me, thanks

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