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PeterDK -> Exchange 2013 Monitoring (30.Jul.2015 6:29:21 AM)

Hi All,

Im trying to make a plan for monitoring a Exchange 2013 setup. The setup currently consist of 10 multi role Exchange 2013.

We have 3 teams involve which is Helpdesk, Server Team and Exchange Backend Team.
So it is important for us to create some view for each team.

I know SCOM, SolarWinds etc. can provide out of the box monitoring of Exchange 2013, but we need split things up. and here is where the problem starts :)

I was thinking the following, but how does i get it translated into actual services etc to monitor.

Helpdesk should only see Customer Touch Points components with direct real-time, customer interactions (e.g., OWA).

Server Team should see Helpdesk + Service Components components without direct, real-time, customer interaction (e.g., OAB generation).

Backend team, should have it all :)

Because running Get-ServerHealth and Get-HealthReport might be ok for the backend team but not for the 2 other teams


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