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ed72oc -> Enable Register DNS (1.Sep.2015 3:32:39 PM)

Hi All,

I came across a odd issue and wanted to share. I have a test lab set up using a Netscaler VPX 10.1 and 2 Exchange 2013 CU9 servers running CAS and MB roles. The other day I realized no mail was flowing into the environment. The cause was our DNS advanced settings were not set to 'Register the connection in DNS'. The thing that led me to this was the event log was filled with Event ID 16025 and 205. Also the "Microsoft Front End Transport" service would crash or not start on boot. Once I enabled the register dns, and rebooted everything started working. Just wanted to share.


Admin -> RE: Enable Register DNS (7.Sep.2015 10:59:53 AM)

Thanks for sharing!
Interesting issue.

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