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wolfar -> MIgration from POP3 mail server (22.Sep.2015 7:58:04 AM)


I'm about to begin a project that requires me to migrate approximately 1800 users from a POP3 mail server running MDaemon into my Exchange system. I've got most of the process down already, but, the question I have is what to use for "organizationalunit" in the "New-Mailbox" command. My AD top domain is XXX.NS. Under that is the OU xxxusers and then we're creating an OU under that called xxxPOPUSERS so, the FQDN is OU=xxxPOPUSERS,OU=xxxUSERS,DC=xxx.DC=NS. So what do I have to put in the "OrganizationalUnit" parameter to make sure those users are created in that OU?

Thanks in Advance

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