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Mark_FCS -> Install Exchange after previous uninstall (6.Oct.2015 8:21:53 AM)


We have recently migrated our on-prem Exchange environment over to Exchange Online (Office 365). We use DirSync with passwords to keep all logins the same.

Once migration was complete and working well, I fully uninstalled out on-prem Exchange server. This left behind all the Exchange attributes in AD as I wanted and expected it to.

Now, however, it would be nice (and advisable from MS) to have a basic on-prem Exchange server to enable easy creation of mail-enabled objects in our AD ready to sync up to Office 365.

If I go ahead and install an on-prem Exchange server, it thinks (understandably) that it is a fresh install of Exchange and asks for a company name etc. I am worried that if I allow the setup to complete, it will overwrite/blank out all the attributes that were left in place by the previous install.

Can anyone confirm the likely behaviour here? I just want to re-instate an on-prem Exchange server, but have it read and subsequently update, the data that is already in place.

Hope this makes sense, any help greatly appreciated.

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