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In an effort to increase my knowledge about these things, I have built a hosted exchange server, based upon a web site I found that had step by step instructions. It works, and it has been a great learning experience.
But there are a few things it doesn't explain:

The OWA works well, and I can install an account on my smartphone - it works great. Except Outlook.
I am trying to connect from outside its network. I understand this is called "Outlook Anywhere."

I have used the connectivity tester and it seems that it fails on a certificate. So here is my question:

Is it mandatory to have a 3rd party certificate or can a self signed certificate be used to connect Outlook to the server from outside the network?

I understand the risks - this isn't for production - is it possible to disable or bypass this to allow connection without a cert?

Aside from the cert, what else do I need for Outlook to connect, like ports, etc.?

Thanks for all your help!

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