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zalezny -> Internal mail routing using DNS MX records (26.Nov.2015 4:35:30 AM)

Dear Colleagues,

our infrastructure looks as follow:

MS Exchange --- > 4 relay systems --- > 2 relay systems ---> Ironport ----> Internet

I would like to send all outgoing E-mails to 4 relay systems using MX record.
So in the MS Exchange somewhere in the connector instead of IP addresses I would like to configure:

DNS: internal-relay.domain.local
MX: 10 relay01
20 relay02
30 relay03
40 relay04

For me its important to use DNS MX record because its bringing kind of prio and loadbalancing to mail transfer way.

How to properly configure that part ? Does any one could support me here ?

I will really appreciate any comment.

Thanks in advance


Lekhan -> RE: Internal mail routing using DNS MX records (16.Jan.2016 2:06:00 PM)

Your task is not clear.
If you enable feature "Use MX record" on your "General SMTP" connector in this case your exchange server will request DNS an MX record of recipient senders, and will try to reach it (if your Exchange servers have access to the internet the message will be delivered).

In your case you should adjust "General SMTP" send connector with scope "*" to the internal relay, for example:

and in DNS you should create 4 A records with differents IP addresses of your 4 relays. So it will be load balance your connection for outgoing messages.

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