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thehallofshields -> Mail Forwarding via Domain (30.Nov.2015 6:11:38 PM)

Hey everyone, I'm really stuck with an issue at work. I'm just putting my feelers out to see if anyone can help.

Our company is launching a new website and we want info@websiteA and info@websiteB to rout to separate places

Unfortunately Exchange 2013 won't let me create separate Mailboxes like this, it treats info@websiteA, info@websiteB and info@websiteC as all the same user. I thought I could handle this with simple forwarding rules, but when I add an '@' into the rule, it doesn't forward.

I'd appreciate any information you guys can provide.

Lekhan -> RE: Mail Forwarding via Domain (16.Jan.2016 2:09:30 PM)

I didn't understand what exactly do you want to do.

You can use different organization units, and create email policy for them, in this case you can set different domains for different users in the same organization.

Please provide more information.

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