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srasmus -> OWA 2010 week number problem (12.Jan.2016 4:48:15 PM)

Hello all,

Since new new year (2016), our Exchange 2010 OWA decided that week number one somehow never happened. Instead, it went straight from week 53 (2015) to week 2 (beginning 1st of January 2016).

The issue only occurs with OWA, not with Outlook clients.

I guess the setting is "First week of the Year" needs to be the first four-day week, but this seems to not be configurable for OWA?
I have got no idea how to fix this.

Spoke with some colleagues who have exactly the same issue.

We run 2010 SP3 RU11.

Any ideas, or should we again make a paid incidence with MS?

Best regards

beliaz -> RE: OWA 2010 week number problem (17.Feb.2016 1:37:01 AM)

We experienced the same problem, and figured out that FirstWeekOfYear was set to FirstDay for affected users. After changing to FirstFourDayWeek problem was solved.
For server-wide change, in Exchange Management Shell execute
Get-Mailbox | Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration -FirstWeekOfYear FirstFourDayWeek

/ Bengt-Erik

srasmus -> RE: OWA 2010 week number problem (17.Feb.2016 6:25:58 AM)

Mange tak Bengt-Erik

I will try this out after our next full backup.

Best regards

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