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jake.t -> delegation chain (10.Feb.2016 7:10:42 AM)

Hi there, great site you have!

we have a current sbs2008 server and will be switching (as it seems there is no migration path) to 2012R2 and Exchange 2013 (or 2016).

in the meantime, a challenge has come up that I've been trying to create a transport rule for and I can't figure out how to do it with the exchange built into SBS (2007) Is there a way to do this in Exchange 2013 ?

we have a distribution group info@ with a few members

what I would like to create is a delegation chain so that the Primary person handles this email. If the Primary has set out of office, it goes to the secondary, if the secondary has out of office, it goes to the next.

any ideas that would point me in the right direction?



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