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waterbender -> ActiveSync and Autodiscover (15.Feb.2016 2:51:32 PM)

Greetings, all! I come to you for enlightening and knowledge :P

I have an Exchange 2010 SP3 installation on a Windows Server 2012 R2 system. It is kind of a playground environment where I test things that call my attention, definitely not a production candidate. Ever since it was installed I was able to get everything but Autodiscover to work as expected, so I had to use manual configurations on the clients; after a while I had to drop the task of getting Autodiscover working and move into other things. All is (kind of) well so far.

Months later, I wanted to try multiple domains in the same server, and I started messing with the server again. I could get them all to send and receive e-mails but always with certificate warnings all over the place, kind of annoying, so I applied some changes and this is how things stand right now:

1. A set of certificates and bindings in the Default Web Site could get the warnings away while accessing OWA
2. Autodiscover is not working in any of the domains and I would really like to get them working if not for all, at least for one
3. Manual configuration is no longer able to connect new devices through Outlook on computers or mobiles, Mail on Windows 10, Thunderbird, and asorted email clients on mobile devices
4. I broke ActiveSync so good that I can't find anywhere the error that made all previously configured mobile devices to stop synchronizing
5. Outlook Anywhere seems functional for previously configured Outlook clients in Windows
6. All applies the same for internal or external access

Believe me I have searched in a lot of places for an answer unsuccessfully (can't say I have read everything out there on the topic, but tried). I do appreciate manuals, tutorials, walkthroughs, guides, hints, therapy, counseling and such a lot :P But to be honest, I would love to have an expert look around my set up and guide me into getting it working (at least checking everything out and find some root causes). If that is asking too much, I still appreciate the light some of you might shed in a little post as a reply.

Thanks in advance and thanks for joining me in this!

waterbender -> RE: ActiveSync and Autodiscover (17.Feb.2016 7:16:29 PM)

Well, I've been moving things around a little (mainly taking all domains but the main one and reconfigure some components) and found a couple interesting tools that have helped me fix some things. The remote connectivity analyzer is showing now the following error as part of the Autodiscover.xml response:

<Message>No external URL is available to access this mailbox with Exchange ActiveSync. Your Exchange server configuration needs to be adjusted to allow access.</Message>

But now the problem with that: when I go to EMC > Server Configuration > Client Access > Exchange ActiveSync, the view contains no items and "Reset Virtual Directory" option causes the MMC snap-in to crash. In IIS I see the virtual directory for Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync available, but both the Get and Set cmdlets in EMS fail to do any work, the first comes back empty while the second one gives an error saying that it already exists. If I remove the VD from IIS manually, there is an error creating it with the cmdlet again.

Once again, any suggestions are more than welcome!

waterbender -> RE: ActiveSync and Autodiscover (23.Feb.2016 4:38:20 PM)

I guess this exercise is not interesting anybody but me, but I have certainly learned a lot. I have a lot working now, mostly everything, but still have an error that I can't seem to figure out:

Exchange ActiveSync device requests for your users are being blocked. This problem frequently occurs when the HTTP OPTIONS method request isn't allowed by the firewall. Please check the firewall that filters requests in front of your Client Access server and the Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync virtual directory.

If anybody ever come across this thread at any point there is something really important I need to pass on: Look at the Application log in Windows Event Viewer (Win + X -> Event Viewer). There is a lot of information to point you to the right place.

waterbender -> RE: ActiveSync and Autodiscover (24.Feb.2016 10:14:58 PM)

Rebuilding the ActiveSync folder did the trick. All's well that ends well.

Thanks to all 147 readers, usually we just need an outlet right? This monologue worked for that. You can now delete it if you want :)

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