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extrem1st -> senderID agent seems to not work (2.Mar.2016 3:39:46 PM)

I have two Exch 2013 servers running CU11 in a DAG. I've enabled senderID, I've setup SPF records for my domains on my public DNS, and the "test-senderid" cmdlet correctly pulls a PASS or FAIL based on what IP I give it.

senderID is set to REJECT as is the temperroraction optional setting.

If I get on an external network and telnet to my mail server at port 25, then type ehlo, mail, I immediately get a Sender Ok and it accepts my message. Except it should FAIL, as my external IP address isn't in the SPF record.

Any ideas on where to look?

HwSystems -> RE: senderID agent seems to not work (25.Mar.2016 2:44:08 PM)

Hi extrem1st,
Did you make a complete transaction using Telnet with DATA and sending the message body? I ask that because I never seen a SMTP server checking SPF record at the MAILFROM command. Normally it check if the recipient specified by RCPT TO is valid before doing DNS intensive lookup

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