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kosciesza69 -> Exchange Hybrid, Office 365, Multi Forest Migration (3.Mar.2016 4:58:48 AM)

Hi there. We considering a Multi-AD forest Hybrid deployment. We have a single Office 365 tenant, and several AD Forests each with their own Exchange deployment (several companies that have come together). All Exchange is on 2010 SP3. There is a central resource forest (2012 R2) that hosts the AD FS (SSO) and AAD Connect, and DNS Coexistance and 2-way forests trusts exist between each forest and the central resource forest. The end state is to get all the mail into Office 365, migrate the users into the central resource forest and then decommission all the other forests. My question is if all the user's mail data is in Office 365 how do I move and consolidate the management of the individual Exchange Orgs into the central resource forest (since using AAD Connect attributes will be mastered on prem). Or do I need to set up a new Exchange Org in the central resource forest add that to the Office 365 tenant and then re-configure the mailboxes in the cloud (and user on-premises attributes) to be part of that org? Can this even be done?



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