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hansvdheij -> Restore Database from Log Files (28.Apr.2016 6:30:21 AM)

Dear all,

I am doing an investigation on an exchange server. During this investigation we have found data based on a search. It happened that tis data was to be found in the exchange log files. However the data itself can not be found in any of the e-mail boxes available within the exchange database. Therefore we want to restore the log files (replay) in the database, so that deleted e-mails can be recovered.

However, so far I only have come to the options to use soft-recovery (eseutil /r E00 /I /D) in order to restore, however this will only restore relevant e-mail and not previously deleted e-mails.

And the eseutil /cc option can not be used because I do not have the required *.env file.

I was hoping that anyone could help me with recovering the e-mails from the log files in anyway, may this through any other command with eseutil or either a tools that can read the exchange log files and export from there.

Thanks for your support.

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