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edtraviles -> Which certificate is our Exchange server using? (26.May2016 9:03:41 AM)

Our Exchange 2010 system has a third-party CA certificate installed on the hub transport server to allow it to handle internet mail from senders that have SSL encryption set to mandatory.

The original certificate expires soon. Weíve renewed it and assigned SMTP to the new one, but before I remove the old certificate I want to be sure itís the new one thatís now being used for encryption, and not the old one which hasnít yet expired.

Unfortunately, the Exchange console wonít let me remove the old certificateís SMTP assignment, as the certificate isnít assigned to any other service, and using Enable-ExchangeCertificate with Ėservices ĎNoneí doesnít seem to work.

When I assigned the new certificate to SMTP, I accepted the option to overwrite the existing default SMTP certificate, but Iíd like to confirm beyond any doubt itís definitely the new certificate being used if I can.

Any help much appreciated.

edtraviles -> RE: Which certificate is our Exchange server using? (26.May2016 2:15:23 PM)

Might be on the way to answering my own question...

Turned on protocol logging for the relevant receive connector and then checked the SMTP protocol log. I'm finding references to the new certificate (by thumbprint) in a number of log entries, but no references to the old one, which suggests the new one's being used and the old (still valid) one isn't, which is what I was hoping.

A bit more checking to do, but looks promising.

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