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thejackal -> EDB File Size (2.Jun.2016 8:34:43 PM)

Hey Guys
Not sure if anyone still uses the forum has been a while for me and looks like it is full of spam.
Anyway hopefully there is still some activity on this. Now to my question, We have a customer with exchange 2013 and we have a database that seems to be growing rather rapidly. I have checked the white space 95MB free as well as all the mailboxes sizes included deleted items etc.
The issue is the mailboxes barely seem to grow. We have around 350 GB of mailboxes including dumpster space however the edb file is 600GB and growing. I can't see anything strange in the event logs. I'm thinking of moving the mailboxes to a new DB however i would like to try and get to the bottom of what is causing the EDB file to blow out.

T.Markus -> RE: EDB File Size (2.Jun.2016 11:47:07 PM)

It seems the issue is happening due to white spacing in database, keep the full backup and do offline defrag. Also check if there is any large archive mailbox in the EDB file that is receiving same emails as of other mailboxes.

srasmus -> RE: EDB File Size (6.Jun.2016 6:56:25 AM)


I faced a similar issue once.

In my case the DB growth was caused by a new IOS (Apple phones) update.

Don't know if this is your issue, so just giving a suggestion.

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