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johncassell -> E-Mail Delay (not sure which end) (15.Jun.2016 7:40:25 AM)

Hi, one of our staff has shown me an e-mail that was apparently sent on Friday 10th June but only arrived at our server on Tuesday 14th June.

I would like some help please on figuring out where this delay could be from please.

In the message header there are the following curious lines:


Does that indicate that it has been resent, rather than sent once with this big delay?


AK20 -> RE: E-Mail Delay (not sure which end) (28.Jul.2016 2:09:42 AM)

Having this trouble too. From some servers. Message was sent yesterday, but received to our mailbox after 12 hours delay.

From antispam using only builtin rbl with payed spamhaus server.

Can anyone help.

Admin -> RE: E-Mail Delay (not sure which end) (8.Aug.2016 3:04:47 AM)

Have you guys checked your mail server's logs?

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