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garyalandavis -> Content Indexes failed (15.Jul.2016 11:35:38 AM)

I have a DAG with 16 databases across 2 DAG servers.

The content indexes are failed for most of them on the passive copies. The active copies show crawling, but have been in this state for 4 days.

I have tried to update the database copies with update-mailboxdatabasecopy -catalogonly

I have also tried to stop the search services, delete the index folders and then restart the search services

Also I did try rebuild the search infrastructure but this has not fixed the .

I then noticed the previous admin had removed the monitoring mailboxes for all databases. I have tried to recreate these by restarting the Health service on all mailbox servers and also by running setup /p , but neither method recreated the monitoring mailboxes.

How can I recreate the monitoring mailboxes and get my indexes healthy?

questionspedia -> RE: Content Indexes failed (31.Jul.2016 5:26:18 AM)

i can help you

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