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vastbkb -> outlook calendar permissions (2.Aug.2016 11:23:45 AM)


i wonder if following scenario is possible :

say we have 3 users: A, B, C
A and B are assigned to a group G1.

Now we have a calendar for user D (the "system" user), and created a subcalendar (subfolder) for C with given permissions reviewer for C and author for group G1.

Is it possible, that user A is creating calendar items, which can be deleted by B with that given permissions? Also it's absolutely necessary that neither A nor B can modify/delete any of the items created by C (the owner of the calendar). the reason behind is, that C is connected via EWS for a third party system.

A and B should maintain the working (free busy, categorized) items which can be accessed by D for creating real meeting items.

As of now all works but deleting an item by B for an item created by A..

Any ideas welcome :)

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