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I'm reading an article on this site by Henrik Walther. And he wrote:

If you protect the mailbox databases using a Database Availability Group, and a copy of the respective database in another AD site becomes the active one, remember that CAS servers will talk directly with the Mailbox server on which the Mailbox database is now mounted. This communication will happen via RPC as Client Access servers and Mailbox servers talk RPC. This is an important detail. If you have a complete site down, clients will not automatically re-connect to CAS servers in another site. This will instead require manual intervention.

I have 2 Exchanges 2010 in separate sites, DAG is configured but I have only one copy of this DB in site A.
If I stop VPN between sites, the clients in site B lost connection for up to 30 seconds and then they connect and proceed working with mail. How so?

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