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jjtarask -> Does OWA require its own separate website? (24.Aug.2016 5:32:57 PM)

I’m working on upgrading our small Exchange 2003 environment to Exchange 2013, doing a temporary hop to Exchange 2010 to get there. Our 2003 setup is one back-end server and one front-end server that’s also our web server, hosting our company website. There’s something I’m confused about. In Exchange 2003 we have Outlook Web Access as a “subfolder” of this website, requiring only one public IP address for the both of them, like so:

- Company website:
- Outlook Web Access:

But what I’ve read about Exchange versions 2010 & 2013 seems to indicate that they require a whole separate website for client access from the Internet (Outlook Web App, ActiveSync), and thus an additional public IP address:

- Company website:
- Outlook Web App:

Is this really the case, or is there a way to keep the company website and Exchange client access on the same website, thus not having to add an additional public IP address? Could http redirect accomplish this? All of our public IPs are in use and I’d prefer not to have to buy more.

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