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mbrown_hha -> Cannot access DAG share on file witness server (8.Sep.2016 6:01:28 AM)

Hi All,

We have two exchange 2010 servers. Our file witness share is on a
separate server. The share is on local disk C. All servers are 2008 R2

I believe I may of identified a problem regarding access to the DAG share.

On Exchange server 1, I cannot access the share, if I try and UNC to just
the server, it cannot find it. I receive a network error stating check
the spelling of the name..etc

On Exchange server 2,i can access the share.

The firewall is switched off on all three servers and I am logged-in with a
domain admin account. I have tried the administrator account with no luck.

Should I be able to access the share from both servers.?

We had an issue a few months back with a ESX-Host to which exchange server 1
resided. We therefore lost comms to the server. The databases were not
mounted on the other server and therefore due to 2 databases being unavailable
we encountered some downtime.

This may be unrelated, however my theory is that if the exchange 1 cant access the share
maybe this could be the reason for the two databases not being mounted on the other server.

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