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mchopra_7 -> Outlook "trying to connect" error (12.Sep.2016 5:39:14 AM)

We have 2 exchange 2013 CAS servers behind a load balancer. One of the CAS servers (CAS1) had issue where the load balancer was showing it as unhealthy. We solved the issue by restarting IIS on CAS1. But I have 2 questions:
1. Why the clients did not go to the other CAS server(CAS2)?
2. How can I find out what happened with IIS on CAS1? At the time of issue owa.proxy healthset was showing as unhealthy and inactive on CAS1. But if I do check connection status on my outlook clients now (after issue is resolved) they seem to be using http/RPC which means they are using outllook anywhere connection method. Will owa.proxy being inactive, have any effect on this connection method?Outlook.proxy healthset was active and healthy. With http/RPC connection method which healthset will be important to look at?

I need to ensure this does not happen again and thus need to establish the root cause. Also SCOM did not pickup IIS issue. What do I need to do there?

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