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leedudmish123 -> Exchange 2010 SP2 to SP3 (19.Sep.2016 4:43:34 AM)

Hi All,

We are about to start the upgrade in a lab environment to our production Exchange 2010 server, currently at SP2 Rollup 4, few questions below if someone could answer for me.

- Do we need to update the OS to the latest patches before upgrading the server?

- As we are at SP2 RU4 do we need to go to the latest rollup (RU8 on microsofts site) before we then go to SP3.

- SP3 Install anyone had any gotchas which we should look for - fairly simple setup single server running 300 mailboxes and does all roles CAS,HUB and DB on the one box.

- We plan to then install the latest RU14 update do we need to do any precursors to this or can we go from SP3 straight to SP3 RU14 does it need any specific RU updates before it?



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