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elance -> OAB issues (3.Nov.2016 10:33:25 AM)

Having issues with our OAB that I can't quite figure out. I am relatively new at this particular employer and inherited their Exchange setup (so I have no real history of what they did or why). Sooo, here's my problem:
The users are all set to cache mode in Outlook. Whenever they open the address book, not every email account is in there. They also show up as first name Last name. If a user clicks on the Global Address list text box to bring up the list, there are multiple contact lists listed below it. The very last list, if selected DOES contain all email addresses and in Last name, First name format (which is what we desire).
I have gone through the process of forcing the global to propagate, and even after several weeks, the all OAB's act this way. If we set a user to live mode, the Global Address book behaves perfectly.
I'm stumped with this one, can't get the OAB to behave, and I don't know why all user's do not show in the Global, but they do if the last contact list is selected.

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