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fastrax -> first datbase file is 0kb after power failuer (14.Nov.2016 5:29:41 PM)

Hi, basically every thing that can go wrong has gone wrong. A power failure at work over the weekend has caused the first database file to become 0kb. The backup hard drive failed due to the same power outage. Evidently the office staff haven't been changing the hard drive so there is no other backup. The only good news is this database doesn't hold all the mailboxes only about 12 users. My question is how can I replace the first database, and assign the 12 users to this new database. Then take the outlook pst file and add it to the users. Is this doable? I can't think of any other plan at this stage.

add to that when I look at the queue viewer I can see a large number of emails sitting there waiting to go to the users attached to that database that is gone.

our environment is a virtualized exchange 2010 version 14.03.0195.001

Thanks for your suggestions

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