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juicejug -> Multiple/Bogus Out of Office OOF messages being sent (8.Dec.2016 9:49:34 PM)

Having a problem where a user set their out of office message. Now when people email them, the sender receives 2 auto replies. The first one is a bogus message that is getting sent to the original sender, as well as to another user in the organization. The second auto reply is the regular one that was setup by the user.

I'm trying to track how this bogus auto reply is setup. The auto reply message is generic but says that the user no longer works for the company, as well as sending this to the other mailbox. It appears as though it may have been setup by another internal user as a scam or threat based on who the second user is that receives a copy of this reply.

It's a small organization where it's verified that there is only one domain/enterprise/schema admin.

What can I check?

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