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Backup is meant for protection your important data, but due to some blunders you yourself end up corrupting Windows BKF file and then avail Windows backup recovery tool to mend your mistakes. Let’s see how you can save your BKF file from getting corrupted;

Make a Smart Choice While Storing BKF File:

Windows NTBackup utility is a free utility and many users backup their important files using this free utility which is provided in Windows XP Operating System. Once backup has been generated, it can be stored at location of your choice.

Backup of your data files is stored in different mediums and its storage highly affects the safety and security. Taking backup is not the only safety measure you take for security of your crucial data. You have to maintain your BKF file as such without any damage or else you will ruin the last hope of fetching back your important data. And hence you should be smart enough to choose amongst various storage options.

Different Mediums for BKF File Storage:

“Safety First” is “Safety Always” and hence your first step of storing BKF file must be smart enough to save your .bkf file from corruption. There are many ways of storing your backup file and many pros and cons are associated with it; the most prime backup media are:
- Tape
- Magnetic Media (for e.g. hard drive)
- Optical Media (for e.g. CD or DVD)

Storage in Tape:

• High capacity devices.
• Can be carried to off-site location.
• Tape backups do not require many resources for maintenance.

• Drive mechanism used to run tape are prone to breakdowns.
• A high quality tape is an expensive affair.
• Restoration from tape takes too much of time.
• Searching a particular data from tape is time consuming.

Storage in Magnetic Media:

• Inexpensive as compared to tape.
• Easy to store and use.
• Holds plenty of data.

• Fragile and delicate and hence pone to get physically crashed.
• Moreover, it makes contact with the recording heads which causes friction and tear.
• High failure rates.

Storage in Optic Media:

• Undoubtedly inexpensive.
• Resistant to static/magnetic forces and avoid any damage.

• Slow to run backups and restore.
• Capacity is dull as comparative to other two options.

How to Deal With BKF Corruption?

Well, in spite of all the precautions and protections taken for storage if your BKF file gets corrupted due to some other internal issue. You can take help of some third party Windows backup recovery tool like - BKF file repair which is an immensely rich tool which will help you to repair your BKF file and extract necessary data from it. This tool will recover BKF file stored in any type of storage media and helps you to pull out necessary data files from corrupted BKF file.

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