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gafoorgk -> Exporting filtered mailbox contents (29.Dec.2016 11:36:15 AM)


I need help on -ContentFilter switch of New-MailboxExportRequest. What would be -ContentFilter switch value if I want to export the following;

1. All Mails received after 30 Nov. 2016
2. All Mails sent after 30 Nov. 2016
3. All Calendar entries created/edited after 30 Nov. 2016
4. All Contacts entries created after 30 Nov. 2016
5. All Note entries created after 30 Nov. 2016

Thanks in advance [:)]

Swaminathanc3 -> RE: Exporting filtered mailbox contents (30.Dec.2016 4:13:55 AM)

Hi Mate,
You can use the below syntax in order to get the message sent and received after 11/31/2016. However I don't think you can export contacts or Notes where those items are only created by the users.

New-MailboxExportRequest -ContentFilter {(Sent -gt '12/30/2016') -and (Received -gt '11/31/2016')} -Mailbox "Alias" -Name Alias -FilePath \\ExServer1\Imports\Alias.pst

You can also use the below switch to filter the Message Kind like Calendar, Contact and Note
-ContentFilter {MessageKind -eq 'Calendar'}

Note: You can only export .PST to a a network path only, since in a Exchange Environment multiple CAS servers may exist and any CAS server can process the request( Export requests are processed by Exchange Mailbox Replication service on CAS Servers).

Swaminathan C

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