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cpender -> Exporting a PST from 2010 ; importing to 2013 (15.Jan.2017 3:01:36 PM)

I am in the process of migrating mailboxes from 2010 to 2013 , I have migrated all mailboxes bar one which failes, when I run a powershell command on that job it gives the status as ' failed stuck ' , the mailbox is very small so I decided to just export the PST from Outlook and import it to the new server, but I'm having issues, I'm wondering can someone clarify the process for doing this. I have exported the PST, created a share and run new-mailboximportrequest , I then get an error message that the Database 'Databse1' is hosted on server 'server1' (server 1 being the old 2010 server), I'm not sure on the process of this, would I have to create the account on the new server first , if so how do I link it to the old AD account ?

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