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faulkner.cj -> Transport rules (3.May2017 2:41:23 AM)

Good morning [:)]

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this query. I am troubleshooting an issue concerning transport rules and would like some clarification / pointers if possible please.

I have done an incredibly simple transport rule that should simply ( priority of rule is 0 so processed first ) if message is sent from user X blind carbon to internal contact ( my private e-mail address ) unless the e-mail recipient is listed at our own domain.

So if sends an e-mail to then the mail should be blind carbon copied to the internal contact.

If sends an e-mail to then the mail should not be copied, as they are both 'inside the organisation'

However I can only get the transport rule to work when the 'exception' is set to 'except when the message is sent to users that are Outside the organisation' - logically this doesn't make any sense to me! What am I missing!

It's a single Exchange 2010 Server, V14.2 Build 247.5.

Appreciate any general feed back etc.

Thank you

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