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gorek -> RemotePowershell on specyfic IIS site (10.May2017 5:38:56 AM)


we have split dns and management fqdns aren't public and can be access only internal.
For ECP it's works fine so I would like make the same RemotePowershell.

For example if user ask about (internal address) only internal DNS answers. When I configure remote powershell url in ECP to internal address I receive mishmash CN name in certificate. I don't like set CN name of server cert to internal address so my idea is configure remotepowershell to separate IIS site and select different certificate for this bind.

I cant find how to configure remotepowershell for separate IIS site.[>:] Is it possible?
Or maybe is there another way to access remotepowershell only from local network using HTTPS?

Thanks for answer.

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